HetMoet publishers (uitgeverij HetMoet) is an independent publishing house, situated on a historic sailing barge in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

HetMoet was founded by Elte Rauch (she/her) who passionately started a sailing publishing house in 2018, bringing books to readers in a sustainable manner, over the waters of Holland and the canals of Amsterdam.

HetMoet is growing fast, publishing both in English and Dutch. The main objective is to publish books that matter. In Dutch the name of the publisher, 'HetMoet', is a play on words. HetMoet literally means it must (be done, be written, be shared, be said, be read...etc.) The mammoth in the logo is endeavouring to break out of the set boundaries, trying to go forward with force and reason, with passion and urgency. Beyond binary oppositions; beyond borders.

HetMoet is a call for action, for the readership and communities we work with and ourselves to engage with the social, embodied, affective and material transformations of society at large. We proclaim and adhere to our ethics and principles: not commerce, but the love of literature guides us.

HetMoet organizes literary events, online as well as physical – such as the upcoming Mammoth events in Perdu, Amsterdam – and is prominently present in the digital world working with the global literary community. 

Our press primarily consists of three series: The Singer Series, the Biographical Anthologies and the Open Archive.

HetMoet publishes the Singer Series, which is named after the singer sewn binding technique. They are letterpress printed books of poetry, created in collaboration with independent artists and book designers.

Every month we publish a Mammoth post, which is published on an online platform for (young and old, established and debuting) writers, artists, editors and translators who have the wish to express themselves through this medium. Every two years, these contributions will be selected by an editor and published in a paperback edition. From January 2022 onward, HetMoet will collaborate with Stichting Perdu to organize a live Mammoth-event in their theatre every three months. These evenings will include readings, debates, music, art and theatre. 

We endorse creativity and idiosyncrasy. Everything is possible at HetMoet, as long as it contains a literary quality and originality. Should you wish to submit a manuscript please e-mail us. If we are interested, we will respond within 3 months.

The team at HetMoet

Elte Rauch aan boord.jpeg

Elte Rauch

Publisher, owner of HetMoet


Fannah Palmer redacteur.jpeg

Fannah Palmer


Ilse van Oosten

Editor and copyeditor



Charlotte Beek