HetMoet publishes non-fiction, fiction and poetry.  The Singer Stitch series is a special series with artisan booklets, bound with a classic Singer Stitch.  Additionally, we issue partnered publications, a short piece - a 'Mammoth' - will be published on our website every month.



Mammoths are stand-alone essays, poems, short stories, pamphlets and columns that have mammoth power in their small format. A manifesto, story or poem that must be written and read. No subject too crazy, no taboo too strong to break. Whatever the author puts on stage is free. Mammoths  appear in a very personal form. Once a month online, once every two years collected in book form.

The Mammoths  will be published here online.

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Singer Stitch series

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HetMoet publishes the Singer Stitch series in collaboration with collective Feest der Poezie. This series is named after the way in which these booklets are bound, manually with a classic Singer Stitch. The covers are also produced in the traditional way by linocut and letterpress printing on a Heidelberg printing press. Editions in the Singer Stitch series are often bilingual and made on the occasion of a memorable occasion, such as a birth or a death anniversary, always with an illuminating introduction. Stichting Feest der Poezie provides multidisciplinary performances for the publications, with readings and music and often also film and theatre. The booklets can be used as textbooks for the performances, but they can also be used on their own as an introduction for new readers and a pleasant and in-depth overview for connoisseurs.

Recent publications:

  • Een rood lied zingt er - Herman Gorter

  • Het gif/Le poison - Charles Baudelaire

  • Glanzende geheimenis - P.C. Boutens


  • De vrouwen van Shakespeare

  • Everness. Sonnetten - Jorge Luis Borges