Met de Vrijbuiter varen we uit

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Over de Hollandse wateren

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Inspiratie en schrijfbegeleiding

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Met de Vrijbuiter varen we uit

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'Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board.'

 Zora Neale Hurston, African-American writer and anthropologist  (1891-1960)

This summer HetMoet welcomes aspiring writers to partake in a sailing writing course!

During the course of six days twelve novice writers will work on a novel, a poem, a short story or an essay. We will begin our journey in Zierikzee, after which the original Dutch barge de Vrijbuiter will sail by literary locations, such as Zierikzee (Multatuli) and Veere (Nescio). The trip will end at the Dordtse book market


Every day will commence by having a chat with the skipper over some morning coffee. The aspiring writers will partake in workshops conducted by the following established writers or editors: Niña Weijers, Yentl van Stokkum, Gilles van der Loo and Alma Mathijsen. This programme is curated by editor Stefanie Liebreks. In between workshops Stefanie and the editors of HetMoet will be available to assist the aspiring writers with their writing. 


When the sun sets we will go ashore and end the day with a literary activity. In the evenings the participants will also have ample time to write, socialise, get inspired by fellow aspiring writers, or just stare into the horizon.

We set sail on the 28th of June!

That's how our sailing along writers found it

Michiel J. Ris

"It's funny how quickly you get used to a swaying living room. I was a bit nervous beforehand: a whole group of strangers for a week, on a boat, of all things. Afterwards it turned out that of course everyone had had those nerves, but that we all had them on the quay in Zierikzee. Immediately with the first foot on board, the atmosphere had been familiar. And throughout the week that atmosphere only got better - friendly, constructive, cozy. That week I wanted to work on my first collection of poems. I went home with new poems, short stories, techniques and friends. The Must SailWritingSummerCourse can only be described as a huge success. From the beautiful boat, the helpful feedback from the editors on board, the knowledgeable course leaders, the workshops, the fellow students , to the delicious vegan food provided by our chef Arthur. I can really recommend it to everyone."


MJ Ris(1998) studies Greek and Latin language and culture in Leiden. He is a poet, writing coach, editor and amateur actor. He is currently working on itReceptions of Antiquityproject, for which he maps antiquity reception in Dutch poetry. In November 2023, Michiel will sign the contract for his poetry debut at HetMoet!